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 Strippers in Fresno Pulse
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Strippers for hire. Visalia and Fresno exotic dancers and bachelor party house show.
Strippers Fresno
Exotic dancers Fresno
Strippers in Fresno
Stripper jobs in Fresno
Now hiring strippers in Fresno and the Central Valley. Pulse entertainment adult entertainment.
Strippers for hire in Fresno

Why be an exotic dancer? 

Financial Independence

  • High Earning Potential: Exotic dancers often earn significantly more than many other professions, especially considering the flexibility to work part-time.

  • Immediate Cash Flow: Tips and payments are usually made in cash, providing immediate income.

Flexibility and Freedom

  • Flexible Schedule: Dancers can often set their own schedules, allowing for a balance between work and personal life or studies.

  • Work Part-Time: Many dancers work part-time, providing them the opportunity to pursue other interests or education.

Personal Empowerment and Expression

  • Artistic Expression: Dancing is a form of artistic expression. It allows individuals to express themselves through movement and performance.

  • Confidence Building: The nature of the work can enhance self-confidence and body positivity, as dancers perform and are appreciated by audiences.

Social and Networking Opportunities

  • Meet New People: Working as a dancer offers the chance to meet a diverse range of people, from colleagues to patrons.

  • Networking Opportunities: Some find opportunities in related fields like modeling, acting, or in the broader entertainment industry through connections made while dancing.

Professional Development

  • Skill Development: Beyond dancing, individuals develop skills in communication, sales, and emotional intelligence.

  • Career Opportunities: Experience in the entertainment industry can open doors to careers in choreography, management, or ownership within the nightlife and entertainment sectors.

Lifestyle Benefits

  • Travel Opportunities: Dancers may have opportunities to work in different cities or countries, experiencing new cultures and environments.

  • Financial Freedom to Achieve Personal Goals: The income can support goals like homeownership, travel, or starting a business.

Inclusivity and Community

  • Supportive Community: Many find a sense of community and support among fellow dancers and staff.

  • Diversity and Inclusivity: The industry can be inclusive of various body types, backgrounds, and genders, celebrating diversity.


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 Why dancing for an agency is better than a club 

Negatives of a Strip Club:

  • Stage Fees: Clubs orequire dancers to pay a "stage fee" for the privilege of performing. This fee can range anywhere from $30 to $120 per shift, varying widely depending on the club's location and prestige.

  • Variable Income: The income from club dancing can be unpredictable. Dancers may have nights where they earn significantly less than expected or even nothing at all, yet the stage fee is still applicable.

  • Tip Sharing: In addition to stage fees, dancers in clubs have to share a portion of their tips with other staff members, including DJs, bar service personnel, door staff, and security. This means that the dancer does not keep 100% of the earnings they generate from tips.


Positives of Private Entertainment:

  • Guaranteed money: When booked for private events, dancers typically negotiate an hourly rate beforehand, ensuring they are paid for their time regardless of the event's success or the number of tips received.

  • Tip Retention: Dancers at private events usually keep 100% of the tips they earn, without the requirement to share these earnings with other staff. This can significantly increase their take-home pay.

  • No Stage Fees: Private gigs do not involve paying to perform. The dancer always takes home guaranteed money, plus any additional tips from clients.

These financial considerations make private entertainment an appealing option for many dancers.

It offers a more predictable income stream and the potential for higher earnings since dancers can negotiate their rates and retain all tips.

Controlled Environment

​                              Limited Audience: Private events usually have a guest list, limiting the number of people present and reducing the risk of unwanted situations.

  • Familiarity: Dancers can potentially know or screen the attendees beforehand, especially if working through a reputable agency that organizes private parties.

Enhanced Safety Measures

  • Security Presence: Dancers have their own security or insist on security measures as part of the booking agreement.

  • Dancers always have the option to bring an escort or work in pairs for added security during private events.

Better Working Conditions

  • No Club Politics: Working outside of a club setting can eliminate the need to navigate the internal politics and dynamics that often exist within club environments.

  • Personalized Boundaries: Dancers have more flexibility to set and enforce their own boundaries and rules with clients in a private setting.

Financial Security

  • Higher Earnings Potential: Private events often pay more on average than club engagements, and dancers can negotiate their rates directly.

  • Direct Payment: Earnings are usually paid directly to the dancer without the club taking a percentage.

Professional Autonomy

  • Choice of Gigs: Dancers can choose which events to perform at, giving them more control over their work environment and clientele.

  • Negotiation Power: Dancers have more leverage to negotiate terms, including safety measures, when working private events.

Legal and Personal Safety

  • Background Checks: Agnecy conduct background checks on clients before accepting private bookings.

  • Discretion: Private events offer a level of discretion that some performers prefer for personal safety and privacy reasons.

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